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Progress of mission


1 / Research

Every project with users included needs a study, even if it’s a personal portfolio.


As a first step, I started with a Benchmark to have a global look about how different portfolios are made, what are the main elements within the portfolio, how portfolios are constructed regarding majors, etc...

Online research


Then, I did a research regarding multiple subjects:

Portfolios recommendations/tips

What hiring managers/recruiters look for 

- Steps to create a portfolio 

Human skills related to UX design


It is always important to dig deeper and find hidden informations that might be helpful, especially in recruiting platforms. The most important information I looked for:
- Recruiters needs shown in job offers (keywords/sentences they are adding)
- Recruiters profiles

2 / Personas

As a second step, I created a persona of an HR/recruiter to help me have a clear vision of the content of my personal website. The focus was especially on what recruiters look for.

3 / Story mapping

After the creation of the main character, it was time to create a story, from the starting point which is looking at my CV, untill the end point which is taking the decision.
Each action is followed by the feeling generated and what is the user thinking of.
By organizing the stories in a user-centric manner, it helped me empathize with the end users and better understand their needs, which ultimately lead to creating a more user-friendly product.

myweb 1.jpg

4 / Tree structure

I created a possible tree structure, which enables a clear vision for navigation through the website. It shows how users can traverse the tree by following parent-child relationships, moving from higher-level categories to more specific subcategories or vice versa.


5 / Wireframes

My journey.jpg
My creations.jpg
Contact page.jpg


6 / Moodboard

Colors, shapes, textures, images.. all combined to establish a visual direction for the website. A website that reflects my personality, and includes at the same time consistency and coherence.

I chose the colors that represent me the most; Purple, green and a pinch of yellow.


7 / Guidelines

What I took into consideration when creating guidelines:

- Layout and grid system
- Typography and font usage
- Headings and paragraphs
- Color palette and usage
- Buttons and interactions
- Icons and interactions
- Header and interactions
- Tags and interactions
- Accessibility


8 / Design

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